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Returning to a "new normal", while continuing to battle the Delta variant, are some of the biggest challenges facing production companies today.

We are working in environments where we are sharing space and resources, creating greater potential for the spread of germs and viruses. EVE specializes in a variety of professional disinfecting solutions, all tailored to your company’s specific needs and unique space. Our primary purpose is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We offer a full umbrella of safety services, making your production facility 100% clean, compliant and safe.

- Professional Disinfecting Services using plant based cleaning products

- Air Filtration Services

- Onsite cleaning representatives

- Registration services for contact tracing

- Fogging

- Safety signage & PPE

- Temperature checks

- Onsite medics and compliance officers

EVE provides complete confidence, with certifications and testimonials from many of the industry leaders including Anheuser-Busch, NBC, MTV, CBS and Apple TV, to name a...

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Having a clean work area is a necessity for every institution. Whether you’re a teacher or a train conductor, you’ll always want a safe and clean work environment. Not only does this ensure that you’re as safe in your workspace as possible, but also that all of your employees, clients, and visitors are safe and clean as well when they come into your establishment. Here at East Village Environmental (EVE), the top-rated commercial sanitizing company in New York, we provide professional sanitizing services for businesses of all kinds. Keep scrolling to learn which industries should partner with EVE and get commercial sanitizing services today.


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