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Which Industries Should Hire Commercial Sanitizing Services

Having a clean work area is a necessity for every institution. Whether you’re a teacher or a train conductor, you’ll always want a safe and clean work environment. Not only does this ensure that you’re as safe in your workspace as possible, but also that all of your employees, clients, and visitors are safe and clean as well when they come into your establishment. Here at East Village Environmental (EVE), the top-rated commercial sanitizing company in New York, we provide professional sanitizing services for businesses of all kinds. Keep scrolling to learn which industries should partner with EVE and get commercial sanitizing services today.

Production Companies

Whether you’re shooting content for someone's phone or the silver screen, production companies play an important role in the entertainment industry. While they may not be as crucial as other businesses and industries, such as farming and plumbing, they provide all of us with some much needed relief from work and stress. If you own or operate a production company, you know how important it can be for your workspace to be as clean as possible, especially since a lot of sets can be indoors with a lot of people packed into a smaller space. If your New York production company needs professional sanitizing solutions, then be sure to partner with EVE today.


Breweries are popular destinations for both locals and tourists alike, receiving large amounts of visitors every single day. Every good brewer knows how important it is to have everything you work with properly sanitized and cleaned before you use it, otherwise your beer may not come out tasting as good as you’d hoped. On top of your instruments, you’ll also want to keep all of your equipment and workspaces clean in order to protect your employees as well as your customers. With commercial sanitizing solutions from EVE, you can keep your equipment and property clean with our professional sanitizing company.

Event Spaces

Events are slowly but surely starting to come back, with many larger outdoor venues already having opened their doors for events. If you own or run an event space, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your music hall, theater, or auditorium is safe for the performers, as well as the patrons who are coming to see the show. Not only does this give you the peace of mind you need when throwing an event on your property, it also gives showgoers the confidence they may need to come to your event. When you need the best sanitizing company for your New York event space, then EVE is always ready to provide you with our top-rated commercial sanitizing solutions.

No matter what kind of event space or production property you have, the experts here at EVE can always provide you with expert sanitizing services that are tailored to your specific needs. Our professionals are all highly trained and can help with a number of sanitizing solutions. Learn more about our commercial sanitizing services, get to know our sanitizing company, or contact East Village Environmental to answer any questions you may have and to get a free estimate for your services today!